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For those who want to order Zenidol cream in Croatia:

You can order Zenidol cream on our official website. Fill in the fields by showing your name and phone number on the form. The price of the drug is 39 €, 50% discount on the drug. It is one of the best medicines in the country for those who require treatment for nail fungus.

Foot fungus

Zenidol cream is a cream whose main purpose is to treat athlete's foot. The product is made of natural elements. The antimicrobial compounds of plant origin, which are part of the cream, provide rid of mycosis without damaging the normal microflora of the skin. Thanks to the universal formula, the drug can be used to combat more than 10 foot fungus.

How does Zenidol cream work?

The treatment of this foot fungus is as follows:

  1. Improves cracks, completely restores skin integrity
  2. Creates a protective barrier on whole skin, slows the penetration of pathogenic elements into them.
  3. Improves the immunity of cell structures, prevents new infections.
Attack the fungus with Zenidol cream

Benefits of Zenidol cream against athlete's foot

Gels used for mycosis do not penetrate deep into tissue structures. Therefore, they have a short-term healing effect. Gels are commonly used to relieve symptoms instead of a complete cure for nail fungus. Zenidol cream, unlike similar drugs, helps to completely eliminate foot fungus, has the following advantages:

You can order Zenidol cream with the following ingredients on our official website:

Ingredients of Zenidol cream

An integral part of the preparation Description
Tea tree oil A natural antiseptic element that effectively eliminates bacterial, viral, fungal microorganisms. The fungicidal effect is provided by the increased concentration of terpenes, which destroy the fungal structure, suppress its vital activity, neutralize pathogens and prevent new infections. The therapeutic effect of the aroma, based on the effect of the smell of oil, provides an increase in the overall tone of the body, protection from pathogenic microbes that affect the respiratory system.
Comfrey extract Provides activation of local immunity, increased resistance to pathogenic microbesIt not only destroys fungal microorganisms, but also restores the structure of the skin, accelerates the growth of nail plates, increases their strength. In addition, the element has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves pain in the joints.
Juniper extract This element has a strong antifungal effect. Juniper extract is used even in persistent infectious diseases. Like tea tree oil, this extract has antibacterial and antiviral properties because it contains many phytoncide elements.

The gel is produced in the laboratory using innovative technologies. This allows you to accurately calculate the ratio of active and auxiliary elements.

How does the cream eliminate foot fungus?

Removal of the fungus

It is known that the wrong choice of footwear, wearing synthetic clothing for a long time, walking without shoes, neglecting the rules of personal hygiene and weakening of your immune system can lead to foot fungus. Zenidol eliminates the causes of the disease and relieves a person from the unpleasant symptoms of athlete's foot:

Advantages of Zenidol cream

Treatment of athlete's foot with Zenidol cream has the following advantages:

  1. There is no synthetic component in the composition. This ensures maximum effectiveness of therapy.
  2. No side effects. This advantage comes directly from the previous one - natural ingredients allow you to avoid unwanted side effects of the drug.
  3. Increased content of antimicrobial elements. An important advantage of the cream is that Zenidol allows you to effectively kill bacteria and fungal microorganisms. Due to this, the treatment of athlete's foot takes a minimum of time.
  4. There is no addictive effect. Many antifungal gels on the market today stop helping a person after a while. This is due to the addictive effect because the bacteria stop responding to the drug. Zenidol is free from this shortcoming.
Healthy feet as a result of using Zenidol cream

Zenidol cream does not contain anti-allergic elements. Vitamins strengthen the immune system, soften and moisturize the skin. Like selenium zinc, it has an antioxidant effect, neutralizes free radicals and normalizes acid-base balance. The amino acid components of the drug restore the integrity of the skin with cracks and abrasions.

You can buy Zenidol cream in Croatia on our official website. We deliver the medicine urgently to any city in the country. You can order Zenidol foot cream from us at a low price - only 39 € - what are the prices in other countries. With this money, you will get an effective antifungal agent that will help get rid of pathogenic microflora as soon as possible.

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Doctor's review

Doctor Mycologist Luka Luka
13 years old
It is a natural cream based on plant ingredients that successfully fights diseases at the cellular level without harming the body in the slightest. The action of the micelle agent is aimed at increasing immunity, eliminating itching and other unpleasant symptoms of fungal infections, suppressing the activity of fungi and viruses, cleansing and improving the skin, restoring nail plates. Zenidol helps at any stage of the disease, prevents re-infection and recurrence. I recommend this cream to everyone in Croatia!